Virus Trek

I started this series in an attempt to enlighten the reader about the inner workings of computer viruses. Please, do not use this information for illegal activities.

Part 1 – Breadcrumbs

An introduction to the virus phenomenon, as I view it.

Part 2 – The Pascal Virus

An enlightening post about how easy it really was to write a computer virus back in the day. (If you were smart enough to think about it.) The idea of the virus appeared in the magazine of the “Tiberiu Popoviciu” Informatics Highschool of Cluj-Napoca, and apparently later served as plagiarism source for viruses posted on the well known BUGTRAQ mailing list.

Part 3 – The Java Virus, Part 1

A Java class file infector that I recently completed. Infecting Java class files is difficult, in contrast with the Pascal Virus infection approach. This is the introductory article of a series of three articles on the Java virus.

Part 4 – The Java Virus, Part 2

More technical details about the Java virus.

Part 5 – The Java Virus, Part 3

The final article, which includes a download of Javadoc documentation for the virus. I am not providing the source code, for various reasons. I will, however, provide the source code to antivirus companies, or white hat security organizations, upon request. Just contact me at mihai at viridium dot ro.

Proving the Concept, Part 1

Are proof-of-concept viruses any better than their cousins roaming free in the wilderness?

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