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Mlădița noastră Sophie

Potcoava, principessa, puiuca primăvăratică, păpădiuța, păstrăvioara, cintezoaia, găinușa, petala, toporaș, ghidrușca 🙂

Life in America, 2010

Still going.

Vacation in Key West, 2010

A relaxing winter vacation.

Philadelphia Flower Show, 2010

A great show featuring plant art and not only.

Life in America, 2009-2010

The saga continues.

Poliana’s Gardens

A beautiful collection of gardens designed and implemented by my beautiful partner in life, Poliana.

Paris, June 2009

A taste of Europe.

Life in America, 2009

Life goes on.

Vacation in the Caribbean, 2008-2009


Life in America, 2008


Life in America, 2007/2008


Life in America, 2005/2006

Our daily life is depicted in the Life in America chapters. When you miss us, or you are curious about us, open these albums and enjoy.


Livia, Mike and Iulia were the hosts of this wonderful Thanksgiving party.


Zedakers are a bunch of party people. If you’re not working at Zedak, you’re missing a lot of fun.

Vacation in France

On est alles chez nos amis en Bretagne, France, au debut des notres vacances. Ils sont une famille tres jolie — Philippe, Valerie et Camille — que nous avons connu en Manhattan. Avant de la visite, nous avons eu le temps, dans la gare de Montparnasse, de visiter un peux — Le Jardin de Luxembourg. La vie en France est belle. Sorry for the English.

Vacation in Romania

Moments with our loved ones and friends, during our vacation in August 2007.

Gardening on the Rooftop Garden in Manhattan

Poliana’s passion is to design on the rooftop gardens, in Manhattan. In anticipation of this, she has been doing gardening on these rooftop gardens. She also contributed with her own design ideas to the design of some of these gardens. Check out the views, they are superb.

Summer Festival, Manhattan

David Brubeck, Martha Graham Dance Company, Paul Taylor Dance Company, Garth Fagan Dance Company, Mozart, … the experience was amazing.

Poliana’s Design Miscellaneous

Orchids, palm trees, shrubs, flowers, color, light, beauty… what more can you say.

Manhattan Party

Crazy and an amazing party!

Marriage, September 2005

After two years, we decided to be one… so cute! The event took place at the Cluj-Napoca town hall.

Holland, Spring 2004

Poliana obtained a scolarship in Holland for three months, towards the end of which I joined her. The Hague, Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, Deventer, Leiden were among the beautiful places we visited.

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