What’s in a Name?

Viridium is a Latin word, meaning “the green ones”. “Dies Viridium” is a Latin expression referring to Green Thursday, the great day of absolution in the Lutheran church. What is the significance of the word to me? It’s a fancy version of the word “virus”. I came across it by looking for names for my company I never created. I was scribbling words on a piece of paper and trying to combine them. This came out of “virus” and “iridium”. Other names I’ve used throughout my early life are “Virus” — my nickname, “Biotech” (short “Bio”) — a variation of my nickname that has some resemblance with “Virus”, “Chloreus” — a name that I made up for a copyright notice for one of my highschool programs (also the name of a priest in a poem by Virgilius), and “Virotex” — also a variation of the nickname “Virus”.

There is nothing special about to these names, other than perhaps my high school fascination with computer viruses, fascination that, along with my bright intellect, made me popular in high-school and later, even if for the wrong reasons. This fascination brought about my first nickname — “Virus”.

Now then, why don’t you just start by poking around, use the Search feature, browse through the articles. I bet you’ll find my little posts interesting.

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