La Piovra

A good movie with great music; sometimes I think the music made the movie. Here is a selection of songs from that movie that I like. (by Ennio Morricone) It is by no means complete; these are the more suspenseful pieces but most of the sad music in the movie is also great.

La morale

The composition plays in the beginning credits. I found the various components but not really a decent version comprising both the low tone violins surrounding the grave theme of “La morale.”

Here, in a different version. I’m unsure whether this counts as the same song.

La morale dell’imorale

This plays in the ending credits. It is gorgeous. The feeling of imminent and continued danger finds its impact in the credits running at the end of each episode. The saga continues…

The Arrest

This reminded me of the suspense in certain scenes of the movie.

Nel covo

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