About Us

A Picture of Us

Hi, we’re Mihai and Poliana, two young people with an artistic soul who met on a beautiful summer day in an University campus, and fell in love at first sight.

We are currently in the United States, where I work at Zedak Corp, a software company specializing in software for the economic market. Poliana is a landscape designer and also has background in Horticulture. Her interests are interior and exterior design, art, theatre, animals and music. Poliana’s portfolio is available online.

My interests reside primarily in computer science subjects. I also like Genetics and Physics. I guess I’m catching up for the learning I should have done in school. A word of caution is in order for those who want to read through my blog. I’m a cranky old bastard who will stop at nothing to just be against. So, consider yourself warned.

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